Failed Blackbird Nest

I’ve been away for a few days and the boss has sent me a photo of an empty nest. Almost certainly the blackbird nest I blogged about a week ago is now abandoned, not from disturbance but more probably from predation as the nest is empty. Who the predator was is unknown. Unlikely to be […]

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A new nest

Over the past week or so we’ve noticed increased activity in the hedge right by the patio doors. We’ve seen blackbirds going into the hedge and making the branches bounce around. Not wanting to disturb any possible nest we’ve not investigated too closely. After the failed song thrush nest earlier in spring, and the disappointment […]

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Abandoned nest

Over the winter I noticed that a song thrush was visiting the garden on a regular basis. We had always had one visit occasionally, but each week recently I recorded it’s presence as part of the BTO Garden Bird census. Then I started seeing two in the back garden at the same time. This also […]

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