The Trump Moth

I’ve often walked past buttercups and seen small insects on the flowers, and each time thought I must have a closer look. But as usual I never did. But this time I did. And glad I am too, because what I found was a delight and a surprise. I had thought I would find Thrips, […]

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White-shouldered House-moth

This tiny moth, White-shouldered House Moth – Endrosis sarcitrella,  appeared in the light trap I had placed out overnight as part of my participation in the Garden Moth Scheme exercise. It’s easy to understand how it has got it’s common Name, with the distinct white shoulders and prothorax which contrast its dark forewings, making it easily […]

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Early Tooth-Striped

It is always exciting to find a new moth I’ve never seen before whenever I open the moth trap in the morning. And this time was no exception. However, I was only able to take a record shot as it was clinging to the egg carton. It wasn’t interested in being manoeuvred onto my lichen […]

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Blair’s Shoulder-Knot

The last two weekends I’ve put the moth trap out has thrown up a new moth to the garden, Blair’s Shoulder-Knot, Lithophane leautieri. Relatively new to the UK it originates from the area surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, but gradually moved north. Not surprisingly the Isle of Wight  was the area where it was first recorded […]

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Little Nipper

The other day after work the sunshine encouraged to visit Solutia Meadows, Newport Wetlands. This is a series of wet meadows that is managed by the Gwent Wildlife Trust. It was hot, 30C, and so I was trying to walk slowly admiring the abundance of flowers and Meadow Brown Butterflies around my feet. Then I […]

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Lychnis – Hadena bicruris

Another new moth in the light trap last weekend, and a smart one it is too. However, it took a little research and some help from my gurus on the Garden Moth Scheme Facebook page to get the identification confirmed. Hadena bicruris – Lynchis, is very similar to the Campion (Hadena rivularis), and I had […]

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