Thick-headed Fly

I was mooching around a bank of Blackberry bushes the other day and my eye was caught by something new. It looked very wasp like with it’s long and very narrow waist. But it’s not a wasp but a fly, or perhaps more specifically Diptera. Bit in my defence an easy mistake to make as […]

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Phytomyza minuscula

I was mooching around the garden the other day, thinking it as time to cut the hedge, when I noticed a few marks on one of the leaves of an Aquilegia. I have not idea what the names of this strain is, but it’s almost certainly a mongrel. Looking closer all the leaves were affected, […]

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October Trapping

The garden hasn’t been turned into a safari park, but I have been trapping this month. Moth trapping that is. The weather this October has been one of the driest on record, with very little rain to speak of and plenty of sunshine during the day. I put the light trap out in a slightly […]

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Sweat bees – Halictus rubicundus

I’ve noticed recently a number small bees, about 1cm in length, visiting the flowers in the back garden, and especially the ragwort. These are pretty with a distinctive pale banding outlining their abdominal segments. Up close their back legs are covered in orange hairs, which they may use to collect pollen. Now I’m not very […]

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The Guests Have Arrived

At last one of the bee hotels is playing host to its first set of guests. However, of the four small hotels that I bought from Lidl only one is occupied. This is the one facing east on the fence at the bottom of the garden.  At first only one of the tunes had any […]

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