The Guests Have Arrived

At last one of the bee hotels is playing host to its first set of guests. However, of the four small hotels that I bought from Lidl only one is occupied. This is the one facing east on the fence at the bottom of the garden.  At first only one of the tunes had any […]

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Common Cockchafer

Well last week the moth trap did provide a little more excitement, though not so much on the Moth front. Sitting conspicuously on the top of the egg boxes was a huge Cockchafer. The vernacular name, Cockchafer means “big beetle” in old English, which is certainly true as it can have a body length between […]

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Bed and breakfast bee style

late last year I bought a couple of cheap insect hotels from Lidl, and this weekend I put them up around the garden. There are four in total and I’ve placed them in different places and aspects to see which will be the most popular, if any. Mind you, looking at them I’m not sure […]

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