Nomads among the flowers

The sun was shining today, though it wasn’t anywhere as warm as it was last week when the temperature topped 20C. Now it’s more like 10C accompanied by a stiff westerly breeze. The recent warmth has encouraged the laurels in the garden to coming into full flower, and this has attracted a large number of […]

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Patchwork Leaf-cutter Bee

Last year I bought 4 cheap small bee hotels from Lidl and placed them at various positions around the garden. I have to admit my efforts were more in hope than expectation, but there was some success with one of the hotels at the bottom of the garden attracting some Megachile, leaf cutter bees. I […]

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Sweat bees – Halictus rubicundus

I’ve noticed recently a number small bees, about 1cm in length, visiting the flowers in the back garden, and especially the ragwort. These are pretty with a distinctive pale banding outlining their abdominal segments. Up close their back legs are covered in orange hairs, which they may use to collect pollen. Now I’m not very […]

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The Guests Have Arrived

At last one of the bee hotels is playing host to its first set of guests. However, of the four small hotels that I bought from Lidl only one is occupied. This is the one facing east on the fence at the bottom of the garden.  At first only one of the tunes had any […]

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Bee Hotel Update

Well I’ve been reading on line accounts of how many solitary bees there are around this year. Not in my garden they’re not. I’ve had a look at my bee hotels and can’t see a solitary guest. It’s not as if the price I’m asking is high.

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