The Heineken Fly

As I was mooching along the quite lane just outside the house the other day I kept on seeing a small flash of orange darting between the flowers. I often see this in the garden as well and it can only be Rhingia campestris, one of our most distinctive hoverflies. The long snout is an […]

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Scaeva pyrastri – Pied Hoverfly

|Animalia: Athropoda: Hexapoda: Insecta: Diptera: Syrphidae: Scaeva pyrastri| After a fairly dismal weekend the sun has been shining for the past 2 days, with surprising results. The garden has been full of hoverflies, with 6 different species and also in higher numbers than I seen before. One of which is new to me and to […]

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Syritta pippiens

At this time of year some of the flowering plants in the garden are buzzing with tiny Hoverflies. With the naked eye it is difficult to appreciate their beauty. This is not just because they are so small, but they are also extremely busy patrolling and defending their small territories from invasion by a competing […]

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