Thick-headed Fly

I was mooching around a bank of Blackberry bushes the other day and my eye was caught by something new. It looked very wasp like with it’s long and very narrow waist. But it’s not a wasp but a fly, or perhaps more specifically Diptera. Bit in my defence an easy mistake to make as […]

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The Heineken Fly

As I was mooching along the quite lane just outside the house the other day I kept on seeing a small flash of orange darting between the flowers. I often see this in the garden as well and it can only be Rhingia campestris, one of our most distinctive hoverflies. The long snout is an […]

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Scaeva pyrastri – Pied Hoverfly

|Animalia: Athropoda: Hexapoda: Insecta: Diptera: Syrphidae: Scaeva pyrastri| After a fairly dismal weekend the sun has been shining for the past 2 days, with surprising results. The garden has been full of hoverflies, with 6 different species and also in higher numbers than I seen before. One of which is new to me and to […]

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Phytomyza minuscula

I was mooching around the garden the other day, thinking it as time to cut the hedge, when I noticed a few marks on one of the leaves of an Aquilegia. I have not idea what the names of this strain is, but it’s almost certainly a mongrel. Looking closer all the leaves were affected, […]

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Little Nipper

The other day after work the sunshine encouraged to visit Solutia Meadows, Newport Wetlands. This is a series of wet meadows that is managed by the Gwent Wildlife Trust. It was hot, 30C, and so I was trying to walk slowly admiring the abundance of flowers and Meadow Brown Butterflies around my feet. Then I […]

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Tipula pagana

As well as moths in the moth trap at the weekend there were 6 craneflies. I think they were all of the same species, but what confused me was that of the 6 individuals present, 5 had vestigial wings. That is the wings were very small and didn’t appear to be correctly formed. So Clueless […]

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Phaonia pallida

I first came across this orange fly in the garden in the late autumn last year, and it’s taken me this time to get around to finding out what it was. Flies are difficult for experienced people to identify, and I am a long way from being experienced with Dipera. It’s not large by any […]

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Syritta pippiens

At this time of year some of the flowering plants in the garden are buzzing with tiny Hoverflies. With the naked eye it is difficult to appreciate their beauty. This is not just because they are so small, but they are also extremely busy patrolling and defending their small territories from invasion by a competing […]

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Fruit Fly – Tephritis neesii

Over the weekend I found a tiny fly resting on the newly emerging Oxeye Daisies (Leucanthemum vulgare) in the garden. This is Tephritis neesii, a member of a group of flies called Fruit Flies and have a very distinct patterning on their wings.  It is very small at only 3mm, and I can’t remember having […]

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Tipula rufina

Tipula rufina is a bit of a recluse in the reference books. I’ve found it a challenge to find out anything about it at all. It’s certainly not a recluse in the garden though, as I’ve seen it each spring for the past 3 years.   The larvae of Tipula rufina feed on mosses. Despite […]

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