New Neighbors 

Monday, 16th March. I was having breakfast this morning when I noticed a bit of activity in the hedge immediately outside the patio doors. A female blackbird was popping in and out of the hedge, making the whole hedge bounce up and down. It’s surprising how a small bird can make branches move about so much. […]

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Failed Blackbird Nest

I’ve been away for a few days and the boss has sent me a photo of an empty nest. Almost certainly the blackbird nest I blogged about a week ago is now abandoned, not from disturbance but more probably from predation as the nest is empty. Who the predator was is unknown. Unlikely to be […]

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A new nest

Over the past week or so we’ve noticed increased activity in the hedge right by the patio doors. We’ve seen blackbirds going into the hedge and making the branches bounce around. Not wanting to disturb any possible nest we’ve not investigated too closely. After the failed song thrush nest earlier in spring, and the disappointment […]

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Abandoned nest

Over the winter I noticed that a song thrush was visiting the garden on a regular basis. We had always had one visit occasionally, but each week recently I recorded it’s presence as part of the BTO Garden Bird census. Then I started seeing two in the back garden at the same time. This also […]

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Hovering Blackbirds

Over the past two weeks one of the blackbirds in the garden has started to attempt to hover near the fat ball feeder. I’ve not seen this behaviour before in a blackbird. Perhaps someone else has. It starts underneath the feeders then flies up to the lower fat ball taking a quick peck before floating […]

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BTO Early Bird Survey

I took part in there BTO Early Bird Survey this morning. The purpose of the survey is to build on observations from the Shortest Day Survey, and will investigate what effect, if any, light and heat pollution have on the feeding patterns of birds during a cold winter’s morning. The BTO Shortest Day Survey took place […]

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A territorial robin

We seem to have a very territorial robin in the garden, and he, or she, has laid claim to the area around the feeders at the bottom of the garden. Whenever any smaller bid approaches the feeders it is chased away. However, there does seem to be a hierarchy, and the robin only chases away […]

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Feeding rush

The winter is coming and the garden is now almost bare of herbaceous plants, with only a few tough stems still poking out of the borders. We’ve had a number of frosts over the past few weeks which has brought insect hunting to a standstill, but there are a few winter gnats around. So the […]

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