Do bees paint their faces?

25 June 2019 I’ve made a surprising and interesting discovery this year in the garden. Perhaps that statement may be a little hyperbole. It’s not a new discovery to science, just to me. When bimbling around the garden this late spring and early summer I’ve noticed a number of very small flying insects zipping around […]

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Buffish Mining Bee

Despite the sunny days the temperature in the garden is still not making it very comfortable to be outside without a coat. But this is not deterring the solitary bees. The Choisia was alive with them today, with over 6 male Red Mason Bees, Osmia bicomis, flying around busily. But then out of the corner […]

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Bloody-noses in the grass

As we sat down to have our coffee the other morning while walking the coastal path on Gower i was visited by one of my favourite beetles. In fact it is one of only 4 beetles I can easily identify without long periods of time staring at field guides. Mind you I’m not including Ladybirds […]

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Eudasyphora cyanella

The weather this week has been sunny, warm and very Spring like. It’s a shame that I’ve had to work throughout the week, whistfully looking out of the office window at the garden. Though I have allowed myself to have my coffee and lunch in sunshine. As it happens I’m not the only one taking […]

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Cobalt Crust

An abortive attempt to walk around Llandegfedd Reservoir not not completely without merit. About 2 years ago the Glamorgan Fungus Group announced that Cobalt Crust, Terana caerulea was to be their ‘Fungus of the Month”. Part of the motivation was to increase the number of recorded sightings of what was thought to be an uncommon […]

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Red Legs and Invaders

OK it sounds a little dramatic, but the title may have got your attention even if only for a short time. The moth trap out the front of the house played host to a few not moth invaders on the trap night of September. One of which was a Red-legged Shieldbug, Pentatoma rufipes. In some […]

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