Who is Paul Challinor?

I can’t be described as an expert in anything. In fact the family maintain I’m an amateur in everything, a little harsh but probably true. In 2014 I decided it was time to have a go at identifying the various weeds, insects, creepy crawlies and things that slither around the garden. It’s turned out to be great fun, but much more difficult than I imagined. I’m getting ther slowly though with the help of books (not another one is a cry often heard as I sneak a new one on the shelf) and would have struggled a lot more without the help of everyone on iSpot. This is a great institution and has been invaluable in pointing me in the right direction, occasionally redirecting completely when I’ve made one of my frequent miss identifications. So here’s to many more years of fossicing in the undergrowth.

For anyone who still needs to be bored I also have another blog: Travels with my Aunt which can be found at https://paulchallinor.wordpress.com. This is an even more random Set of jottings of a wayward Welshman and his supervisor as they ramble about the country.

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